Measuring the Impact of Durability and Consistency Guarantees on Performance and Failover
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  Benjamin Engber   Benjamin Engber
Thumbtack Technology


Thursday, August 22, 2013
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Although NoSQL databases tend to offer similar feature sets, the way they implement them varies substantially from one product to the next. Even in cases where systems choose the same consistency models, there are often very significant implementation differences and configurations that have a significant effect on how they can be configured and perform. This presentation will discuss:
  • Tunable consistency and durability models in major NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Couchbase, Aerospike, and others.
  • Differences between how these databases achieve said models, and what it means in terms of application setup and hardware investments.
  • The tradeoffs in terms of performance and failover behavior of these tunable settings.
  • Results of experiments to quantify these differences, and how to establish a meaningful baseline across different systems.
The target audience is engineers who are trying to get a deeper understanding of the architectural considerations behind these systems, and also business personnel who understand the idea of NoSQL but want to understand more clearly when to use each kind of system.

Ben Engber is the CEO of Thumbtack Technology, a consulting company specializing in NoSQL development and scalable systems design. Ben has been tuning and optimizing internet-scale systems since 1995, and has deployed solutions across a wide variety of NoSQL and NewSQL solutions. Thumbtack provides architectural services to help companies create truly fault-tolerant systems that perform in the real world, and is a strategic partner with many NoSQL database and cloud vendors.

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