Selecting Right NoSQL Solutions for Your Enterprise Big Data Technology Stack
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  Sourav Mazumder   Sourav Mazumder
Technology Head, Big Data Practice
Infosys Limited


Wednesday, August 21, 2013
04:15 PM - 05:00 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Enterprise Big Data Technology stack remains incomplete without the use of one or more NoSQL technologies. However given the large number of NoSQL technologies available in the market today it is a very challenging task for enterprise architects and technology executives to decide on one (or even few) of NoSQL technology to be used in a particular enterprise context. In addition to that the complex and ever evolving features of NoSQL technologies also makes it difficult to ascertain which NoSQL solution(s) are ready for deployment in an enterprise. In this session I plan to discuss about how these challenges with enterprise adoption of NoSQL technologies can be addressed aiming to help and encourage more adoption of NoSQL technologies in enterprises. Following are the points that would be discussed in the session using examples and case studies:
  • How NoSQL technologies fit in overall Enterprise Big Data vision,
  • The key features of NoSQL technologies which are important in realization Enterprise Big Data vision
  • The key challenges involved in NoSQL technology adoption in Enterprise,
  • The criteria should be used to evaluate different NoSQL technology options for enterprise use,
  • Approach to do quantitative evaluations of NoSQL Technology using modeling technique to benchmark scalability and performance aspect, and
  • The future trends

Sourav Mazumder, Head Technology - Infosys' Big Data Practice, has over 17 years of IT experience and is working in Big Data for over last 5 years. Sourav has vast experience in Information Technology across multiple domains like Manufacturing, Insurance, Telecom, Banking, Retail, and Logistics across multiple countries including USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and India. Sourav's passion for Big Data has influenced key decision makers in fortune 500 clients of Infosys' to embark into Big Data journey as early as in year 2010. Technology evangelist by heart, Sourav has also envisioned the need of a platform like Infosys’ BigDataEdge two years back and took part in conceptualization of the initial blueprint of the platform. TOGAF cerified Enterprise Architect and iCMG certified Software Architect, Sourav is a regular speakers in conferences happening in Big Data/NoSQL in California, Bay Area and also publishes white papers.

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