Delivering Big Content at NBC with RavenDB
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  John Bennett   John Bennett
VP Technology


Thursday, August 22, 2013
08:30 AM - 09:15 AM

Level:  Technical - Introductory

RavenDB is a schema-less document database that offers fully ACID transactions, fast and flexible search, replication, sharding, and a simple RESTful API wrapped by clients in a growing number of languages. In this session, we will discuss the experience of developing and maintaining a RavenDB-backed CMS for one of the largest news sites in the US.

We'll cover:
• Supporting rapid evolution of the content/data model.
• Indexing for full-text, map-reduce, geospatial and other types of search.
• Replicating and sharding across servers and data centers for high-availability.
• Deploying with no downtime.
• Handling huge traffic spikes.

John Bennett oversees multiple full-build projects for clients such as AARP, Synacor and MassMutual, and works to develop and grow Huge's overall expertise in delivering complex technical solutions. He specializes in large-scale media and ecommerce websites, content management, Agile methodologies, data-center-to-cloud migrations, and .NET. John previously worked as a Principal Engineer at NBC News where he developed CMS and related systems for, and other NBC sites. He also served as Technology Director at IconNicholson (now part of LBi) leading delivery teams for the Nestlé Waters and Robin Hood Foundation accounts. With 19 years' experience, John oversaw the launch of some of the original websites for Variety and Publishers Weekly. He studied Russian and Soviet Studies at Harvard College.

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