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  David Rosenthal   David Rosenthal


Wednesday, August 21, 2013
03:15 PM - 04:00 PM

Level:  Technical - Introductory

Early NoSQL databases were designed in the shadow of the CAP theorem. We were told to "pick 2 out of 3--you can't have it all." Well, maybe you can't have it all, but was throwing out ACID transactions the best way forward? NoSQL innovators Google seem to think no and claim their new distributed database Spanner is both consistent and highly-available. Have they beat CAP? This talk will:
  • Examine impact of CAP on early NoSQL systems
  • Explore the design space of consistent systems
  • Answer the question of what price to we pay for transactions in a distributed system
  • Propose a path towards a better NoSQL

Dave Rosenthal is a co-founder of FoundationDB. He started programming by building games. In high school he formed a team of students that designed and built Fire and Darkness, a 3D strategy game that won the grand prize at the 1st Independent Games Festival. In 2001 he applied his interactive design skills to large-scale data processing as the first employee at Visual Sciences. Visual Sciences' unique take on web analytics data analytics product defined the high end of web analytics. After Visual Sciences was acquired in 2006 he served as CTO of the combined company till a 2008 acquisition by Omniture (now part of Adobe). Mr. Rosenthal has a bachelor of science in computer science from MIT.

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