PANEL: Enterprise NoSQL: Where Next?
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  William McKnight   William McKnight
McKnight Consulting Group
  David Rosenthal   David Rosenthal
  David Rubin   David Rubin
Director of NoSQL Product Development
Oracle Corp.
  Pete Aven   Pete Aven
Senior Engineer
MarkLogic Corporation


Wednesday, August 21, 2013
02:15 PM - 03:00 PM

Level:  Business / Non-Technical

Enterprise customers are waking up to the NOSQL message in a big way, comfortable now that the technology is robust enough for many enterprise applications, and that the leading companies developing NoSQL products will be around to provide support. Meanwhile, NoSQL vendors are doing their part by addressing enterprise requirements for security, ACID transactions, and even SQL compatibility. The latest moves by major database incumbents (such as Oracle) give further reassurance to enterprise customers that NoSQL technologies should become part of the data management and software portfolio.

This panel will feature leading database providers addressing the enterprise marketspace, including 10gen, Oracle and MarkLogic.

William McKnight takes corporate information and turns it into a bottom-line producing asset. He’s worked with companies like Dong Energy, France Telecomm, Pfizer, Samba Bank, ScotiaBank, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Verizon -- 15 of the Global 2000 -- and many others. McKnight Consulting Group focuses on delivering business value and solving business problems utilizing proven, streamlined approaches in information management. His teams have won several best practice competitions for their implementations. He has been helping companies adopt big data solutions.

Dave Rosenthal is a co-founder of FoundationDB. He started programming by building games. In high school he formed a team of students that designed and built Fire and Darkness, a 3D strategy game that won the grand prize at the 1st Independent Games Festival. In 2001 he applied his interactive design skills to large-scale data processing as the first employee at Visual Sciences. Visual Sciences' unique take on web analytics data analytics product defined the high end of web analytics. After Visual Sciences was acquired in 2006 he served as CTO of the combined company till a 2008 acquisition by Omniture (now part of Adobe). Mr. Rosenthal has a bachelor of science in computer science from MIT.

Dave Rubin, Director of NoSQL Product Development at Oracle, has an extensive background in big data systems. Prior to Oracle, Dave was with Cox Enterprises where he ran the Infrastructure Engineering organization responsible for developing big data systems in the Online Display Advertising vertical. Previously, he ran the engineering teams at Rapt Inc, delivering Price Optimization and Inventory Forecasting solutions to online media companies. Dave started his career at Sybase and holds four U.S. patents in the areas of query optimization and advanced transaction models.

Pete Aven is a Senior Engineer with MarkLogic Corporation. Pete has over 11 years of experience in software engineering and system architecture with an emphasis on delivering large-scale, data-driven applications. Pete is an active MarkLogic Community member, contributing to several open source projects. He holds a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and computer science from UCLA.

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