Innovations in Query Languages for NoSQL Data
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  Dan McCreary   Dan McCreary
Kelly-McCreary & Associates
  Matthias Brantner   Matthias Brantner
28msec, Inc.
  Leon Guzenda   Leon Guzenda
Objectivity, Inc.


Thursday, August 22, 2013
03:00 PM - 03:45 PM

Level:  Technical - Introductory

Does the world need a standard query language for NoSQL databases? Intuitively it seems a bit antithetical to the independent spirit of the NoSQL message. But if standards remove uncertainty for customers, and provide an element of consistency across products, then query standards would likely be a boost to the growth of the market, and allow developers to focus on innovating in other areas of product differentiation.

This panel will discuss the latest trends in advanced query languages for NoSQL databases. We’ll look at how innovations in vendor-independent standardized query languages allow NoSQL developers to query multiple types of data and multiple NoSQL databases using a single query language. We’ll see how using the right NoSQL query language promotes portability across multiple NoSQL databases, avoids vendor lock-in, and keeps your developers productive at the same time.

Dan McCreary is an enterprise data architect and author specializing in emerging database technologies. He has worked at Bell Labs, with Steve Jobs at NeXT Computer as well as founding his own consulting firm of over 75 people. His background includes topics such as high performance computing, programming languages, databases and XML standards. He has published articles on the semantic web, metadata registries, US Federal XML standards, XForms, XQuery and XRX. He is co-chair of the NoSQL Now! Conference and a co-author of the book "Making Sense of NoSQL" by Manning Publications.

Matthias studied Information Systems at the University of Mannheim in Germany from 1999 until 2004. In 2007, he acquired a PhD from the University of Mannheim, based on his research on "Rewriting Declarative Query Languages".

Leon Guzenda was a founding member of Objectivity, Inc. in 1988, one of the original architects of Objectivity/DB and Chief Technology Officer. He now consults with the company and works with Objectivity's Big Data and Analytics customers/partners to deploy Objectivity/DB and InfiniteGraph, a high performance, scalable graph database.

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