NoSQL Content Management Case Study with eXist-db
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  Eric Palmer   Eric F. Palmer
Director of Web Services
University of Richmond


Thursday, August 22, 2013
02:00 PM - 02:45 PM

Level:  Business / Non-Technical

The University of Richmond is reinventing Higher Education’s web ecosystem using the eXist-db document store NoSQL database. We are delivering award winning and highly engaging content to multiple devices in a semantic/related content manner. We are achieving high user engagement, stickly mobile app behavior, and significant business process improvements in a just in time to market manner. This extremely cost effective approach has us singing the praises of NoSQL.

In this presentation we will cover Artemis Web, our innovative CMS ecosystem:

- Artemis overview and high level architecture - Ecosystem benefits to the University (analytics) - Overarching benefits of NoSQL over conventional means (costs, ease of use, better outcomes) - Light semantic relationships are perfect for higher education - Robust full text searching with semantic relationship discover is a competitive advantage - Examples of business process improvements made along the way - How this approach has been extended into Digital Scholarship and historical information discovery systems

Eric runs web services at the University of Richmond. He is a Certified Scrum Master, former Certified Scrum Practitioner and is a scrum coach for web development activities. Eric has more than 30 years of software and consulting experience and even has been a bank compliance adviser along the way. He currently develops applications in Java, Groovy, xQuery and PHP. Recently he has started to experiment with KOTLIN a JVM language replacement for Java and is practicing in public via In his spare time he is a FRC FIRST Robotics High School Team mentor, FLL Robotics tournament organizer and judge, FTC Robotics Volunteer, and FRC Robotics Inspector. And occasionally he is a life coach to professionals looking to make a difference in the meaningfulness of their life. Eric is a Husband, dad and maker.

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