Architecting Big Data Solutions in a Real-Time World with DynamoDB, Redshift and EMR
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  Ben Butler   Ben Butler
AWS Technology Evangelist, Big Data


Thursday, August 22, 2013
09:30 AM - 10:00 AM


Predictive analytics are fundamentally changing the way companies compete in an era of big data and cloud computing. Business analytics that used to take days to drive decisions, now must be turned around in milliseconds. In this session, we will dive into a how to architect highly available, cost effective and scalable big data solutions in AWS with Amazon Redshift, DynamoDB and EMR.

Ben Butler is an award winning technology evangelist at AWS, with a primary focus on Big Data and high performing cloud architectures. Ben has a passion for helping companies drive innovation into their products and processes from direct insights into their data. Ben's technical expertise ranges from petabyte-scale data warehousing to architecting real-time,low-latency NoSQL architectures. As a former decorated Captain of the U.S. Air Force, Ben has deep understanding of the public sector and of operating truly mission critical applications. Ben hold a MBA from Duke University, a Masters in MIS and a BS in Systems Engineering.

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