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The third annual NoSQL Now! Conference is the largest vendor-neutral forum focused on NoSQL (Not Only SQL) technologies.

The educational agenda is designed to help you:

  • Learn how to create scalable, high-performance data-centric systems
  • Evaluate the alternative NoSQL database architectures and design patterns
  • Discover new technology choices for Big Data analytics, transaction processing, integration and search
  • Match NoSQL capabilities to your business requirements
  • Compare vendor approaches and products
  • Assess the enterprise-readiness of NoSQL technologies

Who Is The Agenda Designed For?

9 Personal and Business Benefits You Will Gain By Attending

Who Will Be There?

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  • Create Powerful New Applications with Graphs
    Emil Eifrem, Neo Technology

  • Old SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL, Huh?
    Mike Bowers, LDS

  • Dropping ACID: Architecting with Eventual Consistency in the Cloud
    Jason Bloomberg, ZapThink

  • NewSQL vs. OldSQL for New OLTP
    Mike Stonebraker, VoltDB

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Topics at NoSQL Now! X

  • Architectural Tradeoffs in NoSQL
  • Agility and NoSQL
  • Big Data and NoSQL
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Best Practices with:
    • Column Stores
    • Document Databases
    • Graph Databases
    • Key-Value Stores
    • Native XML Databases
  • Case Studies on:
    • Cassandra
    • CouchDB
    • Couchbase
    • Hadoop/HDFS
    • InfiniteGraph
    • MarkLogic
    • MongoDB
    • Neo4j
    • Redis
  • In-Memory Databases
  • Modeling in NoSQL
  • NewSQL
  • NoSQL APIs
  • NoSQL Architecture and Design
    • Integration
    • Performance
    • Query
    • Search
    • Security
  • NoSQL Standards
  • NoSQL System Selection

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