• Submit a Speaking Proposal.

    If we get a cancellation on a related topic we can invite you to fill the slot. Follow this 3-step process to submit your talk.

  • Lead a Special Interest Group (SIG)

    SIGs are simply a group of like-minded attendees who get together during the conference, but they work best when one person takes responsibility for leading the discussion. If selected to lead a SIG, your registration fee would then be reduced to $495. SIG sessions are usually focused on particular technologies, products and/or industries. For example, Graph Databases in Financial Services. SIGs will be mostly be scheduled at lunch times or at the end of the day. Follow this 3-step process to submit your SIG idea.

  • Sponsor a Presentation

    Specific times are set for NoSQL Product Presentations and are available for sponsors to purchase. Contact Warwick Davies to learn more about these options at warwick@dataversity.net.