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10gen | The MongoDB Company


10gen is the company behind MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database. MongoDB (named from "huMONGOus," meaning "extremely large") is reinventing data management and powering big data. Designed for how we build and run applications today, MongoDB empowers organizations to be more agile and scalable. It enables new types of applications, better customer experience, faster time to market and lower costs.

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GridGain is the leader in In-Memory Computing, enabling companies to Re-imagine Ultimate Performance. From in-memory HPC, streaming and in-memory databases to Hadoop and cloud storage accelerators - GridGain provides a complete stack of in-memory computing products.

Objectivity - InfiniteGraph


Objectivity, Inc.’s leading edge technologies: InfiniteGraph, a unique distributed, scalable graph database and Objectivity/DB, a distributed and scalable object management database, enable organizations to discover hidden relationships for improved Big Data analytics and develop applications with significant time-to-market advantages and technical cost savings, achieving greater return on data related investments.

 Oracle www.oracle.com

Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together. It’s How Oracle Simplifies IT and Powers Innovation.

For more than three and a half decades, Oracle has been the leader in database software. And as it has further developed technologies and acquired best-in-class companies over the years, that leadership has expanded to the entire technology stack, from servers and storage, to database and middleware, through applications and into the cloud.


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Basho www.basho.com

Basho Technologies is the creator and developer of Riak, an open-source, NoSQL, distributed database, providing extreme high-availability, fault-tolerance, and operational simplicity even at scale. Riak has rapidly gained adoption throughout the Fortune 100 and has become foundational to many of the world’s fastest-growing Web-based, mobile and social applications.
Foundation DB www.foundationdb.com

FoundationDB is defining the next generation of NoSQL by combining scalability with the data consistency of ACID transactions. FoundationDB provides ACID without compromises–transactions are completely isolated and can include any database elements, even those on different machines. Teams using FoundationDB can leverage transactions to support many different data models on a single storage substrate, greatly simplifying their system architecture and operation.

Learn more and get instant access at www.foundationdb.com.


MapR delivers on the promise of Hadoop with a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses. MapR brings unprecedented dependability, ease-of-use, and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications in one unified Big Data platform. MapR is used across financial services, retail, media, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications and government organizations and by leading Fortune 100 and Web 2.0 companies. Visit www.MapR.com to download MapR or learn more.

MarkLogic www.marklogic.com

Next generation Big Data needs a next-generation database. MarkLogic is the trusted platform for Big Data applications designed to drive revenue, streamline operations, manage risk, and make the world safer. For more than a decade, MarkLogic has delivered a powerful and trusted enterprise-grade NoSQL database that enables organizations to turn all data into valuable and actionable information. Key features include ACID transactions, horizontal scaling, real-time indexing, high availability, disaster recovery, government-grade security, and more.


Scientel® is a U.S.-based, international, technology company, founded in 1977, specializing in NoSQL DBMS design. Scientel’s GENSONIX® NoSQL DBMS/NSQL©™ language was 1st in the market in 2003. GENSONIX® handles ALL data--Structured AND Unstructured. Scientel® also designs/produces highly-optimized Large Data Warehouse Appliances (LDWA) with its "GENSONIX® ENTERPRISE" DBMS as complete, single-source systems for Big Data applications, such as Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics. Additionally, Scientel® also customizes its products for high performance computing.

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Cloudant provides the world’s first globally distributed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) for loading, storing, analyzing, and distributing operational application data for developers of large and/or fast-growing Web and mobile applications. Cloudant’s DBaaS is a managed service that helps developers eliminate the delays, costs, and distractions inherent in working with databases and their administrators, while providing unmatched scalability, availability, and performance. This capability accelerates time-to-market and time-to-innovation because it frees developers from the mechanics of data management so they can focus exclusively on creating great applications. Cloudant is privately held and backed by top-tier investors including Avalon Ventures, Devonshire Investors, the private equity firm affiliated with Fidelity Investments, In-Q-Tel, Rackspace® Hosting, Samsung Venture Investment Corporation, Toba Capital, and Y Combinator. For more information, visit https://cloudant.com/.



Couchbase is a leading provider of NoSQL database technology and the company behind the Couchbase open source project. Couchbase Server, the company’s flagship product, is a NoSQL document-oriented database with production deployments at AOL, Cisco, Concur, LinkedIn, Orbitz, Salesforce.com, Shuffle Master, Zynga and hundreds of other household names worldwide. It is particularly well suited for interactive applications, providing easy scalability, consistent high performance, 24x365 availability, and a flexible data model for ease of development.



Franz Inc. (www.franz.com) is an innovative technology company with expert knowledge in developing and deploying Graph Database solutions. AllegroGraph, Franz's high-performance, transactional, and highly scalable Graph Database, provides the solid storage layer for powerful enterprise grade NoSQL applications. Franz's Allegro SET (Semantic Entity Tracker), allows a business to anticipate the activity of an "Entity" (think - customer, smart phone component, employee, etc) in their organization.  Businesses can spend more time discovering valuable Entity relationships and taking action automatically, intelligently and in real-time to create business value. Franz's products and professional services will help you "Add a Brain to your Big Data, Fast Data, and Complex Data".

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Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, 28msec is the Information Agility Company. Its innovative technology, 28.io, the first Information Processing Platform (IPP) is built on the open source JSONiq language and open source ZORBA technology. 28.io enables enterprises to quickly extract data out of ANY source and transform that data into actionable information. 28msec was founded in 2008 and has raised $5.5m in private funding. www.28msec.com



Acunu Analytics for when seconds matter.

Acunu offers a platform for low-latency, continuous analytics; powering dashboards and embedded applications to monitor and control environments in manufacturing, telecommunications, media, financial services and other industries where high-velocity data must be analysed in real time.

The Cassandra NoSQL database is at the core of the Acunu offering and Acunu is an engaged Cassandra contributor donating many of its innovations back to the community. Learn more at www.acunu.com



Aerospike is the only real-time NoSQL database built from the ground up to take advantage of today’s multi-core, multi-processor architectures and solid-state drives (SSDs). That’s what makes it fast – 500k TPS per node with sub-millisecond latency. Hybrid architecture with indexes in-memory and data either in-memory or on flash. Strong consistency, tightly coupled clusters (auto replication, re-balancing, cross data center synchronization) reliably store billions of objects and terabytes of data. Native flash means fewer servers, less power, lower ops costs than with just DRAM. Deployed in demanding environments for almost 3 years with no downtime. For more information, visit http://aerospike.com, and follow us on Twitter @aerospikedb.



Altoros provides specialized consulting and managed services on the intersection of NoSQL, Hadoop and Cloud Foundry PaaS. With one of the largest pools of NoSQL/Hadoop and Cloud Foundry expertise on the market, Altoros employs 200+ engineers and consultants across the US, Eastern Europe, Argentina, UK, Denmark, Switzerland and Norway. Specialized solutions include Cloud Foundry in private/public clouds, automated sensor data analytics and real-time stream processing.

Neo Technology


Graphs are everywhere. From websites adding social capabilities to Telco’s providing personalized customer services to innovative bioinformatics research, organizations are adopting graph databases as the best way to model and query connected data. Neo Technology researchers have pioneered graph databases since 2000 and have been instrumental in bringing the power of the social graph to customers such as Adobe, Cisco, and Deutsche Telekom. Now in production for nine years, Neo4j is the world’s leading graph database with the largest ecosystem of partners and tens of thousands of successful deployments worldwide.



Qubole provides managed Big Data services that make it simple to prepare, integrate and explore Big Data in the Cloud. Founded by the creators of Apache Hive and ex-Facebook’s data infrastructure team, Qubole is trusted by the largest brands in social media, online advertising, gaming and other data-intensive companies.

Qubole Data Service (QDS) provides software-as-a-service for Big Data teams, making it easy to inspect data, author and execute queries, and convert queries into scheduled jobs.



Sqrrl is the Big Data company that develops Sqrrl Enterprise, which is the most secure and scalable Big Data platform for building real-time analytical applications.  Sqrrl Enterprise is powered by Apache Accumulo and Hadoop.  Sqrrl Enterprise features cell-level security, JSON support, full-text search, graph analysis, and SQL.

Starcounter www.starcounter.com

Starcounter is a database development company dedicated to providing the world’s highest performing database. Founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Joachim Wester, Starcounter’s goal is to simplify database processing while cutting costs. Its technology is ACID compliant, and performs best with high transactional, real-time applications. To learn more, visit www.starcounter.com.


Tokutek is a storage engine company that delivers 21st Century capabilities to the leading open source data management platforms. Tokutek applies patented Fractal Tree™ Indexing to increase performance, decrease database size, and minimize downtime.  As a result Tokutek allows you to build a new class of applications that can handle unprecedented amounts of incoming data and scale to handle the data of tomorrow. The company is headquartered in Lexington, MA, and has offices in New York, NY.  For more information, visit www.tokutek.com and follow us on Twitter @Tokutek.



YarcData LLC, a Cray company, delivers business-focused real-time graph analytics for enterprises to gain business insight by discovering unknown relationships in Big Data. Customers include the Canadian government, Mayo Clinic, Noblis, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Sandia National Laboratories, and the United States government, among others. YarcData is based in the San Francisco bay area and more information is at www.yarcdata.com.

   Media Sponsors
The Content Wrangler


Scott Abel is a content management strategist and social media choreographer who helps content-heavy organizations improve the way they author, maintain, publish and archive their information assets. Scott is also the Founder & President of The Content Wrangler — a full-service content strategy consultancy specializing in helping organizations deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time, in the right format and language, on the mobile devices of their customers’ choosing. 


Since 2000, The Web Host Industry Review has made a name for itself as the foremost authority of the Web hosting industry providing reliable, insightful and comprehensive news, interviews and resources to the hosting community. TheWHIR Blogs provides a community of expert industry perspectives. The Web Host Industry Review Magazine also offers a business-minded, issue-driven perspective of interest to executives and decision-makers. WHIR TV offers on demand web hosting video interviews and web hosting video features of the key persons and events of the web hosting industry. WHIR Events brings together like-minded hosting industry professionals and decision-makers in local communities. TheWHIR is an iNET Interactive property. For more details about TheWHIR, visit http://www.theWHIR.com For more information on iNET Interactive, visit http://www.iNETinteractive.com



For over a decade, ZapThink has cut through the hype surrounding agile architectures for the enterprise. We forged a path for organizations planning and implementing Service-Oriented Architecture worldwide. Now, as a Dovel Technologies company, ZapThink continues to drive innovation in SOA, Cloud and Enterprise Architecture with its market leading Licensed ZapThink Architect SOA course and Enterprise Cloud Computing course that provide Agile Architecture insight and best practices for both government and private sector enterprises.